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Get Well Cards

A little birdie told me you’re not feeling well.

INSIDE: When you’re better, please visit me in the mental ward.

GW027 | Cost: $1.48/card

INSIDE: Even the best insurance can't cover everything!

GW026 | Cost: $1.48/card

Thank you sooo much for your excellent customer service. I got everything before time and intact for our opening! Thanks Scott!

—Denyse Harrison, R&R Jewels & Gift Shop, Philadelphia, PA

Once you recover, everything will be back to the way it was before.

INSIDE: I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you that.

GW012 | Cost: $1.48/card

Heard you weren't feeling well

INSIDE: Need the hind-lick maneuver?

GW022 | Cost: $1.48/card

Did you know that people who pick their noses tend to get sick a lot?

INSIDE: Get Well Soon!

GW025 | Cost: $1.38/card

The First Cat Scan

INSIDE: Get well soon!

GW018 | Cost: $1.48/card

We can't wait for you to get back on your feet and start taking charge again…

INSIDE: In the meantime, we will continue to act irresponsibly!

GW015 | Cost: $1.38/card


INSIDE: Get Whale!

GW003 | Cost: $1.48/card

I heard you're sick in bed.

INSIDE: Some men like that.

GW024 | Cost: $1.38/card

Take this time to heal…

INSIDE: You'll need your strength when you get home and see what shape the house is in!

GW020 | Cost: $1.38/card

INSIDE: Hope you're back in the saddle soon!

GW009 | Cost: $1.48/card

Soon you will be feeling better

INSIDE: ...and I can start picking on you again.

GW011 | Cost: $1.48/card

INSIDE: Wish I could take away your pane. Get well soon!

GW019 | Cost: $1.38/card

INSIDE: Would chicken soup help?

GW006 | Cost: $1.38/card

Laughter is the best medicine!

INSIDE: So I told everyone some jokes about you, and it cheered us right up! Get well soon!

GW014 | Cost: $1.48/card

INSIDE: I hope you're back on your foot again soon.

GW005 | Cost: $1.48/card

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