Frequently Asked Questions about Snafu

Answers to many questions are listed below. But you can always give us a call at 1-800-766-5786 to have a human answer your question!

General Questions

Does SNAFU offer other styles of greeting cards?

Yes. In addition to the humorous cartoon cards you see on this web site, we carry a line of graphic greeting cards that are complementary to the colorful Snafu Designs – Cabaloona Cards.

How much do SNAFU cards retail for?

Most of our cards wholesale for $1.75 per card, with a corresponding Suggested Retail price of $3.50 each. **There are a few cards at our old wholesale price of $1.63 per card, marked with a Retail price of $3.25. They are priced accordingly on the site.

How much do SNAFU cards wholesale for?

Most of our cards wholesale for $1.75 per card, (retail price of $3.50 each). There are a few cards at our old wholesale price of $1.63 per card (marked with a retail price of $3.25). They are priced accordingly on the site.

Designs are purchased in packs of a dozen or half-dozen. Packets wholesale for $21.00 per dozen or  $10.50 per half-dozen. The older priced cards are $19.50/dozen or $9.75/half-dozen.

Each packet of cards includes white wove cotton envelopes along with a category header card (click to view) which has the card code # on it for reordering purposes.

What size are the cards?

Our cards measure slightly smaller than 5" x 7" and are printed on sturdy 12-point card stock paper. Each card is accompanied by a white wove cotton envelope.

Does SNAFU have a return policy?

It is very important to us that our customers are happy with our product, so if after a reasonable period of time a card design is not selling, you can exchange it for a design that will!

In the rare event that your cards arrive damaged, call us and we will issue a UPS call tag to pick up the damaged cards, and ship out a new order to you.

Does SNAFU carry Holiday cards (i.e. Christmas, Valentines Day. etc.)?

Along with our "everyday" cards (such as Birthday, Thank You, and Friendship, etc.), we currently only offer Christmas and Valentine's Day cards, and one Halloween design. We are hoping to expand into some of the other holidays in the near future.

Do SNAFU cards come with category header cards?

Yes, included with each dozen or half-dozen package of cards is a category header card for use in your display. They are printed with the category of that particular design (i.e. Birthday, Friendship, Get Well, etc.). This header can either be displayed behind the cards or can be folded to display under the bottom front of the cards.

Are your greeting cards made in the United States?

Yes, our cards, envelopes and the displays are all manufactured in the USA.

Do you carry any Spanish greeting cards?

Sorry, at this time we do not offer any greeting cards in Spanish.


Ordering Questions

How do I place an order?

You have several options:

  1. You can work with a sales representative if we have one in your area.
    You can email or call us for their name and telephone number at
  2. You can place your order online, selecting your own cards on our this site.
  3. Or you can take advantage of our Bestseller Packages where we pick the cards for you (for more info on Bestseller Packages/Fast Order Option, see below)!
  4. Or, you can request a catalog and write the order yourself. If you choose to request a catalog and fill out our order form yourself, you can either:
  • fax it to us at 1-651-698-8661,
  • mail it to us: SNAFU Designs 2500 University Ave. W #E4, St. Paul, MN 55114
  • call the order in on the telephone  1-651-698-8581.
When I request a catalog, what do you send me?

You will receive our 24-page color catalog. Included in the catalog is an SNAFU order form.

Can I download a catalog?

Yes, we have a PDF catalog available to download. We also have an online "flip" catalog. Both can be found on our Download page!

Once I place an order, how long before my cards arrive?

That depends on where you live. SNAFU Designs is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Orders almost always ship the day after we receive them. So a customer usually receives their cards within a week of faxing an order to us. For orders mailed to us, we will ship them to you the day after we receive the order.

How are orders shipped?

We ship orders using UPS Ground Service, unless we are shipping cards to Alaska or Canada. In which case, we usually use the United States Postal Service.

How much does shipping cost?

That varies with the size of the order and how far we have to ship the cards. We use UPS to ship orders (unless shipping outside of the 48 contiguous states) and charge whatever the UPS Ground rate is. Your shipping charge usually will fall somewhere between $7.00 and $12.00, again depending on size of the order and where the order is shipping to. UPS charges more to deliver a package to a residential address as opposed to a business address.

This site will estimate your shipping charges for you before you submit your order.

Is there a minimum order and reorder amount?

On our order form, it says that our minimum order is $75.00 and our minimum reorder is $50.00, but we are not strict on this. If you want to place a smaller order than the stated minimum, just give us a call!

Can I order designs in half-dozens, or do I have to order designs in full dozens?

You can order our cards either in half-dozen or in full dozens. Whichever works better for you.

What is a "Bestseller Order" or "Fast Order"?

With a Bestseller Order, we pick the cards for you, putting together an order of proven bestsellers based on the size of the order you choose. This option has proven to be very popular for many overworked store owners.

Shortly after placing your order, we will call you to confirm your order amount, address, and to get a credit card number from you (we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express). We will also discuss the "tone" of the cards you would like in your package.

After your first order, we can set up net 30 day terms if you like.

What size is a "Bestseller Order/Fast Order"?

The size of the Bestseller order is completely up to you. First decide if you need a display or not. If you do, simply select a display size from the choices presented to you. Then decide whether you want to fill each pocket of the display with card quantities of half-dozens or full dozens.

If you don't need a display, just choose the number of different designs you want in your order in either half-dozen or full dozen quantities.

We'll take care of the rest for you! It's called the "Fast Order Option" because it literally takes less than a minute of your time to place an order this way.

What is included in a "Bestseller Order/Fast Order"?

You will receive an assortment of different designs that we choose for you, and know to be proven bestsellers. For example, if you ordered our 36 pocket floor display you would receive 36 unique designs in quantities of either six cards or twelve cards depending on your preference, and you would receive an equal number of envelopes. Typically, at least half of your order will be made up of birthday cards. We fill in the rest of the order with cards from our other categories (i.e. Thank You, Friendship, Congratulations, etc...).

If you feel that a few of our cards might be too off-color or risque for your customers, your Bestseller Order can be tailored not to include any of these cards. You will be asked about this when we telephone you to confirm your address. We can also answer any other questions you may have at this time.

How do I reorder?

Whenever you order from SNAFU, we always include a updated catalog with your order. When you are running low on our cards or if you want to add more cards to the ones you already have, you can use the order form in that catalog and simply fax or mail it to us. You can also call us and give us your order over the telephone at 1-800-766-5786.

How do I pay for an order?

We prefer to have the first order paid for with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). You can also prepay for an order (money order of cashier's check). Once you have ordered with us, you may request terms by filling out a Credit Application. We will need at least three business references along with bank account information (acct. number and name and telephone number of contact person we can speak to at the bank).

Can I work with a sales rep?

Yes, we love it when you work with one of our sales reps! Unfortunately, there are some parts of the country where we do not have representation, yet. In that case, please call SNAFU if you have any questions or we can even help you put together an order over the telephone. You can reach us at: 1-800-766-5786 during regular business hours Monday through Friday (CST).

Can I place an order WITHOUT using a sales rep?

Yes, we know that some buyers prefer ordering on their own rather than working with a sales person. It's completely up to you.

Do you sell your cards to stores outside of the United States?

At this time, we sell our cards to several stores in Canada. As for other countries, unless you are talking about a very large order, international shipping is so expensive, it's not worth it and ends up costing too much. Although, if you work with a Freight Forwarder in the United States we are happy to ship to you.


Display Questions

Do I have to order a display when I order?

No, you can order our greeting cards with or without a display.

What type and size of displays do you offer?

We sell a variety of different size displays. Mainly, we sell a wire spinner that either stands on the floor or sits on a counter top. We sell one style/size of an acrylic display, which is quite a bit more expensive than the rest of our wire displays. Specific details on prices and sizes of our displays can be found at here or on the order form that is mailed with our catalog.

Do I have to pay for a display or is it free?

If you order a display and fill it with full-dozens of with SNAFU cards, the display is FREE! Otherwise, we sell displays at our cost.

Can I order a display WITHOUT ordering any greeting cards from SNAFU?

No. At this time, we are unable to sell our displays without a card order.

If I order a display, do I have to fill the display completely with SNAFU cards?

If you order a display, you do not have to fill the display completely with our cards. For example, you could order 24 dozen cards and purchase one of our 48 pocket displays.

Does the display come with a sign?

Yes, when you order a display, you get a colorful 6" x 8" SNAFU sign that attaches to the top of the display. If you are not ordering a display from us, but would still like a display sign, just let us know.

Any other questions?

Please call 1-800-766-5786 or email your questions to Thanks for your interest!