“We just received our order and before I even got them on the display, customers were grabbing and buying them! They have already become a favorite item of our store. I’m sure we will need another order sooner than I thought!”

—Jenna Gould, The Powder Room, Hannibal, MO

“Scott- your cards are incredible! We had a $50+ sale today- of just your cards!!”

—Cindy Lynch, Yesterday Antiques & Collectibles, Ruidoso, NM

“Thanks for offering great ‘guy’ cards! It’s challenging to find a good card for a man.”

–L.J. Menzel, Firefly Trading Company, Cable, WI

“Your Snafu cards are so funny! My customers get such a kick out of them. I can hear the giggles & sometimes even know just the card they are reading!”

–Rebecca Pflughaupt, The Garden Gate, Cedar Rapids, IA

“The order always arrives quickly and it’s great to be able to talk to the artist. They are warped in a wonderful way cards!”

—Becky Edwards, Party Bazaar, Cincinnati, OH

“Thank you sooo much for your excellent customer service. “I want to be just like you”… I got everything before time and intact for our opening! Thanks Scott!”

—Denyse Harrison, R&R Jewels & Gift Shop,  Philadelphia, PA

“Scott, love your cards!! My customers laugh till they cry!! 🙂 They are buying five to six at a time! Keep up the great work. Thank you from me & my customers!”

–Cory Osborne, Main Street Mercantile, Brookville, PA

“We discovered SNAFU 3 1/2 months ago & have already had to place several re-orders. Not only do we love their wry sense of humor, but also the fact that they are created by a ‘local boy’.”

–Jill F., The Afternoon, Minnetonka, MN

“Scott- People are loving your cards! I knew they were going to be a hit when my sister-in-law stopped by when we were still setting up the store and I asked her to put them in the rack and she kept reading them and laughing and laughing!”

—Martha Rainey, Ah, Whatta ‘Bout Mimi?, Louisville, KY

“Both your SNAFU cards and Glenhill cards have really been a hit here in Wilmington, Delaware.  When my sister came in to visit, she was laughing her head off, reading each and every one – literally laughing so hard that she had tears running down her face!  Look forward to our next shipment.”

—Claude’s Corner Café, Anne Marie Matic, Wilmington, DE

“I  wanted to thank you for the great order you put together for us. It got here in time for our grand opening just like you promised, and everything you picked was fabulous! I’m very satisfied. Thank you very much!”

– Kymberly Leib, Floral Expressions by Kym, Terre Haute, IN

“These humorous cards keep men occupied while women shop…then they both laugh @ them together!”

—Kay Clanton, Indulge Gallery, Sedona, AZ

“I can tell when customers have discovered the Snafu cards.  First the laughs, then they turn to a friend with ‘you gotta read this one.’ They have such a good time I should charge admission.”

—Betty Bercowski, Christopher Park Gallery, Greenville, SC

“Holy Cow!! You folks are a hit! We can’t keep your cards in stock! Please rush our reorder!!!”

—Kathy Telgard, owner, Tampico Imports, Leland, MI

“Scott- My customers love your cards! One of my customers even ordered me to get more of this funny stuff–ASAP!”

— Sharon Dlubala, A Novel Idea, Berlin, MD

“Scott, Your cards are awesome! Thank you!!”

—Cindy Lynch, Yesterday, Ruidoso, NM

“Very good customer service.  Our customers love your cards!”

—Tien, Postal Annex #6008, Roseville, CA

“Snafu cards make my customers laugh, and when they are laughing they are buying.  When they are buying, I’m not crying.”

—David Caplan, Out of the Past,  Guernville, CA

“Your cards are refreshingly funny!  We love carrying them in our store!”

—Dana, Stacey Himmel Stationery, San Diego, CA

“All my customers love the Snafu cards.  My district manager didn’t know about them before, and has now ordered them for all the stores!”

—Tina, Exotica, Evansville, IN

“The Snafu card line was the very first rack on our floor when we opened our doors two years ago. By far it was the best decision we made.  Snafu outsells our other lines 2 to 1.”

—Michelle Schleiger, Copy Pilot, Portland, OR

“Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the cards I ordered. I just love them.  Obviously we have the same sense of humor!! And the candy and pen were a nice surprise also. I will be back soon!”

—Toby Olson, Bellevue, WA

“Our customers really enjoy these cards and keep coming back for more!”

—Denice, Fast Track Car Wash, Hot Springs, AR

“Great cards, great price, fast delivery.  Need I say more?”

—Carol Pope, Sheepish Grin Novelty Shop, Shelbyville, IN

“It’s so fun to listen to our customers laugh out loud when they start reading through our Snafu cards.  It’s a sale every time.”

—Lorri Potter, Arts a Poppin, Indianapolis, IN

“I can’t believe I hadn’t carried Snafu sooner!  Now I can’t keep them on the shelf!  Thanks for the great addition to my store!”

—Joan Schiefelbine, The Paper Place of Bend, Bend, OR

“Snafu cards are a great add-on sale.  They grab anyone who glances at them, and usually customers buy 3-4 at a time.”

—Carla Bickert, Java Rose Floral, Washburn, ND

“I recently started selling Snafu cards.  They have been flying off the rack.  Most people can’t resist and buy 3 or more for future use.  Everyone loves them!”

— Joette Mancuso, Joette’s Gifts, New Hartford, NY

“Always a delight to hear and watch our customers stand and laugh at our cards in the Snafu display!  Once they read them they always buy them!  Thanks!”

—Chris and Jan, D’Vine Gallery, Shipshewana, IN

“Snafu cards continue to sell over and over and over….”

—Annette Suchy, Birdie’s Gifts, Portland, OR

“We have a number of different cards in our store.  I put the Snafu display next to the register so I can hear my customers laugh.”

—Teri Case, Boutique Repeats and Gifts

“I always know that my customers are reading the Snafu cards because I hear lots of chuckling then they walk up and buy 5 or 6 at one time. Your cards are soooo funny!  Thanks – keep ’em coming.”

—Toni Halvatzis, Carried Away, Cape Coral, FL

“Our customers absolutely love your humor!  What talent you have in all of your designs!  Our customers come in purchasing 3 and 4 at a time.  Their laughter is contagious!  Thanks so much!”

—Bart and Beth Woolsey, B & B Crafts, Hilliard, FL

“These cards do great at all five of our stores.  I love to watch the customers read them and break into laughter.  The service and shipping times are both fantastic.  Thank you!”

—Dina Christensen, Schuler Books and Music, Grand Rapids, MI

“I’ve never heard someone bust out laughing like I did the other day in the store.  I looked up to see what was so funny, and there they were, reading the Snafu cards!”

—Amy Sullivan, The Balloon Gallery and More, Bellefontaine, OH

“We opened our store with these cards on the shelves.  Nearly 3 years later they still fly out the door!  Laughter is a great gift.”

—Denise Kanyon, Garden and Soul, Taos, NM

“Thank you so much for offering an off-the-wall line of cards!  My customers can’t get enough!!  Keep up the good work!!”

—Kim Moerke, Main Street U.S.A., Waterford, WI

“We love, love, LOVE Snafu cards and so do our customers.  Where else can you find a card that is perfect for that chocolate lover (choc-vibrator) or a sentimental anniversary card like ‘wind beneath my sheets!’  Not Hallmark!!!”

—Nina Binder, Fabu, Kansas City, MO

“If they laugh, they always buy.”

—Ken Fritchie, The Island Shop, Tierra Verde, FL

“Cactus Flower has carried Snafu cards for a number of years.  Our customers enjoy the humorous tone of the cards.  It’s not unusual for some of our customers to buy a year’s supply of your cards in one visit.”

—Lynn Culver, Cactus Flower Gifts and Interiors, South Padre Island, TX

“It gives us great joy to often hear our customers laughing in our store.  Thanks for making it happen.”

—Charlene, Cool Jewels, Delray Beach, FL

“Snafu cards has always been one of our best sellers in our Gift Store.  People love to just stand and read them and laugh out loud.”

—Joyce Illing, Rusty Crickett’s, Bradenton, FL
Snafu World Headquarters