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Valentine's Day Cards

Before I met you my days were filled with boredom and predictability…

INSIDE: "Now I get to share all that with you! Happy Valentine's Day "

V005 | Cost: $1.48/card

I love you for your highly developed cerebral cortex...

INSIDE: …not to mention your dangling participle. Happy Valentine's Day

V004 | Cost: $1.48/card

I love everything about you...your Breasts, your Thighs, Those Legs...

INSIDE: …mmmm, can we have chicken for dinner? Happy Valentine's Day

V003 | Cost: $1.48/card

I wuv you, pookie wookie. Do you wuv me, tootsie wootsie?

INSIDE: Or are you about to puke? Happy Valentine's Day

V002 | Cost: $1.48/card

Valentine's Day is for lovers

INSIDE: Or for people like us, who will celebrate anything as long as chocolate is involved.

V001 | Cost: $1.48/card