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Wedding Cards

Eat, Drink,

INSIDE: ...and be married! Congratulations

W011 | Cost: $1.48/card

INSIDE: May the road ahead be smooth and full of wonderful adventures. Congratulations!

W002 | Cost: $1.48/card

"I can tell when customers have discovered the Snafu cards. First the laughs, then they turn to a friend with 'you gotta read this one.' They have such a good time I should charge admission."

–Betty Bercowski, Christopher Park Gallery, Greenville, SC

INSIDE: I hope your special day goes without a hitch!

W005 | Cost: $1.48/card

Some valuable advice for the newlyweds...

INSIDE: Fight naked!

W010 | Cost: $1.48/card

INSIDE: Let the games begin… Congratulations on your marriage!

W007 | Cost: $1.38/card

Today you marry me, and take over doing the things that my mother has done for me for so many years…

INSIDE: Congratulations on accepting each other unconditionally!

W009 | Cost: $1.38/card