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Birthday Cards


[Wow it really doesn’t stink]

INSIDE: Happy Birthday to a perfect guy!

BD130 | Cost: $1.48/card



INSIDE: You’re never too old to chase after your dreams! Happy Birthday

BD144 | Cost: $1.48/card

"I recently started selling Snafu cards. They have been flying off the rack. Most people can't resist and buy 3 or more for future use. Everyone loves them!"

—Joette Mancuso, Joette's Gifts, New Hartford, NY


Diagram of Your Brain

INSIDE: ...Yep. You’re old. Happy Birthday!

BD185 | Cost: $1.48/card


You are a fun, fearless and confident woman!

INSIDE: Now go ahead and show that cake who's boss! Happy Birthday!

BD164 | Cost: $1.48/card


I would have made you a cake

INSIDE: ...but I’m so much better at pies. Happy Birthday!

BD033 | Cost: $1.48/card


It is one of life’s great truths that wisdom comes with age…

INSIDE: ...unless of course, you’re a man. Happy Birthday!

BD109 | Cost: $1.48/card


INSIDE: And you thought shrinking with age meant your height! Happy Birthday!

BD140 | Cost: $1.48/card


Happy Birthday Your game has improved

INSIDE: Especially the swearing part.

BD156 | Cost: $1.48/card


On your birthday, take it easy.

INSIDE: But not slutty easy, just relaxed.

BD189 | Cost: $1.48/card


One good thing about being your age…

INSIDE: don’t have to worry about dying young! Happy Birthday!

BD131 | Cost: $1.48/card


Just add hair, muscle tone, stamina, and good looks…

INSIDE: And you could pass for a much younger man. Happy Birthday!

BD132 | Cost: $1.48/card


How can we be getting older?

INSIDE: We still don’t know what we want to be when we grow up. Happy Birthday Anyway!

BD119 | Cost: $1.48/card


For your birthday, I filled a hot tub full of apples and gorgeous naked men...

INSIDE: If anybody asks, we're bobbing for apples. Happy Birthday!

BD175 | Cost: $1.48/card


Don’t think of them as wrinkles…

INSIDE: ...think of them as mature dimples! And have a Happy Birthday!

BD121 | Cost: $1.48/card


[pfft] [phhhft]

INSIDE: Happy Birthday from one old fart to another!

BD167 | Cost: $1.48/card


Happy Birthday

INSIDE: You do everything with so much style!

BD042 | Cost: $1.48/card


If you want to look young and thin again…

INSIDE: Start hanging around old fat people. Happy Birthday!

BD103 | Cost: $1.48/card

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