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Birthday Cards


Cake – gone Ice Cream – gone Presents – opened Wishes – wished Happy Birthday – sung (saved the best for last...)


BD192 | Cost: $1.48/card


INSIDE: Oh well, how often do you really need to bend over and touch your toes? Happy Birthday!

BD094 | Cost: $1.48/card

"Scott- People are loving your cards! I knew they were going to be a hit when my sister-in-law stopped by when we were still setting up the store and I asked her to put them in the rack and she kept reading them and laughing and laughing!"

— Martha Rainey, Ah, Whatta 'Bout Mimi?, Louisville, KY


Who says your dancing days are over?

INSIDE: Everyone. Happy Birthday anyway!

BD170 | Cost: $1.48/card


(duck upside down in water)

INSIDE: Just wanted to flip you the bird for your birthday. Hope it's ducky!

BD182 | Cost: $1.38/card


For your birthday, I wanted to get you something you’d want to hold onto forever.

INSIDE: But you already have one of those. Happy Birthday!

BD110 | Cost: $1.48/card


At your age, there’s one definite benefit

INSIDE: You can fart and people just blame the nearest dog. Happy Birthday!

BD147 | Cost: $1.48/card

INSIDE: Happy Birthday!

BD134 | Cost: $1.48/card


Hey! You’ve still got it!

INSIDE: You may not use it much anymore, but you've still got it! Happy Birthday!

BD159 | Cost: $1.48/card



Happy Birthday

INSIDE: The big ones tend to hit you harder!

BD004 | Cost: $1.48/card


With age comes wisdom

INSIDE: For example, do not wear thong underwear when you have hemorrhoids. Happy Birthday!

BD162 | Cost: $1.48/card


INSIDE: Relax. No one's calling you "Elmer" yet. Happy Birthday!

BD163 | Cost: $1.38/card


INSIDE: Looks like another one crept up on you. Happy Birthday!

BD047 | Cost: $1.48/card



INSIDE: Remember when that was “on line”? Happy Birthday!

BD104 | Cost: $1.48/card


Focus on the good things in your life rather than the bad.

INSIDE: It's a whole lot less time consuming! Happy Birthday!

BD180 | Cost: $1.38/card


They say that the greatest gifts come from within...

INSIDE: ...but I don't think they meant farts! Happy Birthday!

BD173 | Cost: $1.38/card


In honor of your birthday

INSIDE: ...I decided to crack one! Happy Birthday!

BD085 | Cost: $1.38/card

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