Bestseller Update Feb 2019

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From time to time, we will list some designs that have been recent favorites with retailers. We hope this might give you a little help (and save you some time) with putting together your order! For this month, we’ll stick to birthday cards:

BD242 (left)  BD244 (right)

Snafu Designs card for men
birthday cards for men getting older

BD229 (left)  BD224 (right)

Snafu cards with current culture themes
sentiments that reflect current culture themes

BD228 (left)  BD211 (right)

Sarcastic birthday cards with encouragement from Snafu
Sarcastic and yet still encouraging cards for woman

Below:  BD183 (left)  BD047 (right)

Snafu cards with classic humor
Classic humor that never grows old


Snafu birthday design with Cat-itude!


Our bestseller packages also help you save time! And Scott is always available with any questions you may have.